“There isn’t enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser!”
―Han Solo

Located on the fringe of the Ivax Nebula in the Anoat sector of the Greater Javin along the Ison Corridor, Hoth orbited the blue-white star Hoth on a wide elliptical orbit.

Beyond Hoth was voluminous band of planetesimals, known as the Hoth asteroid field, from which small asteroids regularly broke off, crashing onto Hoth’s surface as meteorites.

Its orbit and axial tilt resulted in consistently icy weather patterns. Daytime temperatures reached levels unbearable to most species and rarely rose above freezing, even in the planet’s relatively mild equatorial regions. The gale force winds and intense snowstorms that regularly wracked the windswept surface magnified the extreme cold of Hoth.

The frigid biosphere included a minimal food chain: the predatory wampas, the omnivorous tauntauns, the herbivorous Hoth hogs, a few rodent species, including snowmice and ice scrabblers, and iceworms, lichens, and Dragon slugs.

The average planetary temperature was around -61ºC; however at Echo Base (3 ABY), located near the planet’s equator in the northern hemisphere, daytime temperatures could reach -32ºC; however night-time temperatures got as low as -60ºC

The planet was the sixth in the Hoth system.

*Note: During 18 ABY, a research/prison facility was built and vacated. It was being used as a front to experiment on sentient’s to develop the Rakghoul virus. Some of the Rakghoul escaped and it was unclear if they all died out, or found a way to live in the harsh environment and possibly infect the local inhabitants…


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