Star Wars: Rebellion

Lure of the Lost

recap of the adventure

Lure of the Lost

During the events of Mountaintop Rescue, the Player Characters (PCs) rescued their mentor, Hethan Romund, and saved an ancient Jedi temple from Malefax, a dark side
adept seeking its corruption. They may managed to impress the Gatekeeper, an intelligence created by the Jedi to safeguard the temple’s secrets. While the PCs have secured the temple from the forces of darkness, much of it still remains locked to them. Now is the time for them to explore the temple and try to uncover its mysteries, while remaining alert for any further influence of the dark side.

Although Malefax was a formidable foe and a powerful adept of the dark side, the truth of
the matter is that he was not actually the mastermind behind the events of Mountaintop Rescue. He served the human fallen Jedi Rav Naaran, who is imprisoned in stasis within the temple’s depths. Rav Naaran was able to project his spirit from his imprisoned body and guide Malefax past the temple’s defenses, allowing him to bypass the Gatekeeper and a host of other security protocols besides. The Gatekeeper does not know anything about this, and is also unaware that Malefax was able to tamper with the temple’s internal systems during his time inside. The final consequences allowed Rav to escape and free other Jedi who fell to the darkside.

-The party chased after and killed/captured the escaped prisoners and had a final show down with Rav.
-They saved many locals from Frostwall Village to the south of the Dawn Temple.
-You cleansed the Caves of Light and Shadow, a powerful nexus of activity.
-They made contact with Heavy Gan’s Movers in the local space port, Reles.

Going Forward
Rav Naaran was taken prisoner, the PCs must find a way to restrain him until they can figure out how to reach the man he used to be and bring him back to the light. Redeeming Rav Naaran could take a full adventure or more, as the PCs research his past and visit sites significant to his time in the Jedi Order, and to his fall.

The archives of the Dawn Temple are largely concerned with the treatment of those who were committed to care there. However, the temple was still an installation of the Jedi Order and a repository for some small fraction of its vast collection of knowledge. The PCs might find leads on other lost Jedi sites, Force vergences, or ancient marvels through this research, leading them across Spintir or to other planets.

This is where the group begins…



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