Tik'A'Moris. "Morris"

A former Jedi Sentinel, now tinkerer and mechanic prone to mood swings.


Morris, as he went after the fall of the Order, was a Jedi Sentinel. He acted as an Archivist and Experimental Mechanic. He developed a special eye-piece that helps mechanics with all manner of repairs.

In the Order, he also occasionally went on assignments with other Jedi as a tech or subject specialist. His knowledge of history, mechanics, and droid technology made him an in valuable problem solver during the Clone Wars. His contemplative, patient nature shifted dramatically during the conflict, however. As he bonded with more and more Clone Troopers in the Wars, he developed an aggressive streak that enjoyed overcoming physical obstacles as much as the mental.

When Order 66 occured, Morris had been cycled off the front line and was inspecting a new Tibanna gas collecting droid design. When he felt the disturbance, his connection to the Force diminished. Neither of his brains were willing to fully deconstruct what had happened to the galaxy and his Order.

At that time, he dropped his lightsaber, changed into some coveralls, dropped the naming convention of his people (a major taboo), and got on the first commercial flight off Bespin. He ended up on the Wheel, where he worked his way into ownership of a repair business.

The recent return to adventuring has once again reawakened his Force connection, although he currently has more power than control.

Tik'A'Moris. "Morris"

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