Skere Kaan (Sith Holocron)

Dark Lord of the Sith; Founder of the Brotherhood of Darkness


Male Human Dark Lord of the Sith (Holocron)

“A man of vision”

“…Kaan was many things, Weak was not one of them.”
-Darth Bane



Skere Kaan was a male Human Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order in the last years of the New Sith Wars before defecting to become a Dark Lord of the Sith and creating the Brotherhood of Darkness within the reorganized Sith Empire, earning him the nickname of the “Dark One”. Ruling the Sith for a decade, Kaan’s reign was turbulent as the Brotherhood was rife with civil unrest, and conflict with the Jedi saw his numbers dwindle. A few Sith were starting to question his beliefs, including Darth Bane. sw_kaan_2.jpg

At the end of the bloody Ruusan campaign, Kaan, his followers, and the Jedi Army of Light were all destroyed by a thought bomb of his own creation during the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. In Kaan’s place, Darth Bane, who tricked the entire Brotherhood into it’s destruction, set up a new Sith order with the Rule of Two: one master and one apprentice.

A Force-sensitive Human from Coruscant born during the Republic Dark Age, Skere Kaan was born a commoner before being discovered by the Jedi Order and training in the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple. Sophisticated and knowledgeable of economic policy and fleet command, Kaan became a Jedi Knight and a beacon for hope among members of the Jedi High Council who hoped to finally destroy the reformed Sith Empire which had been plaguing the Galactic Republic for nearly two centuries.

Having perfected the art of battle meditation, Jedi Kaan was considered a valuable asset by the High Council, despite his radical belief that the Republic and the Jedi were responsible for the anarchy which plagued the galaxy. In an effort to moderate Kaan’s extremist views, the High Council awarded him the title of Jedi Master. Seeing the High Council as overbearing, Kaan led a group of loyal Knights away from Coruscant and formed the Brotherhood of Darkness in 1010 BBY. Declaring himself Dark Lord of the Sith,7 his supporters referred to him as the “Dark One.”

At the time of Kaan’s ascent, the Sith Empire had fractured, with dozens of Sith Lords claiming the title of Dark Lord and waging endless campaigns against each other, rather than uniting to bring down the ailing Republic. Sensing that their endless quest for supremacy and power would destroy the Sith, Kaan set about reuniting the various splinter states under his banner,93 destroying all those who refused to bend the knee. The two most powerful Sith warlords—Kopecz and Qordis—pledged themselves to his cause, and they were followed by others, such as Kas’im, LaTor and Kaox Krul.

Still unwilling to see what was growing to become an even worse threat, the Jedi High Council issued congratulatory thanks to Kaan for killing the worst of the Sith warlords during his campaign to amass power. However, Kaan had not been able to lull all Jedi into a state of ignorance; indeed Jedi Lord Hoth saw Kaan for the threat he was and left Coruscant to gather his own forces.

His idea of cooperation and equality among the Sith Lords was unique in their history. Rather than challenge each of the self-proclaimed “Dark Lords” and threaten the war effort, Kaan acquiesced to their vanity, and named them all “Dark Lord of the Sith”, and declared “All are equal in the Brotherhood of Darkness.”32 But he forbade any Sith to take the historic title of Darth, since he held that title as being solely responsible for the jealousy and infighting that had destroyed the Sith in the past.

While most of his followers remained loyal, a few prominent Dark Lords within the Brotherhood began to question his leadership: Githany, Kopecz, and most notably, Darth Bane. With the attentions of the Sith Lords focused against the Jedi on Ruusan, the tide of the war seemed to be turning against the Sith, with the Republic reclaiming areas like the Stenness Node.

Bane was opposed to Kaan’s battle tactics against the Jedi, believing that Lord Kaan was acting more like an ordinary military commander than a Dark Lord of the Sith, and was not properly using the dark side of the Force. Lord Kaan tried to kill Bane—first, by sending Kas’im to murder him, then, when that failed, by having Githany poison him. Bane was too strong—and survived both assassination attempts.

Bane returned and declared Kaan unworthy of his title, but not before sending to Kaan a peace offering—a scroll inscribed with an ancient Sith ritual—the thought bomb. Which led to his (and the entire Brotherhoods) demise.

After his death…

Oddly, although the Force ghosts of all the Jedi and the Sith were thought to have been trapped in the Valley of the Jedi, Kaan’s consciousness seemed to have escaped his own trap and communicated with Bane. Along with Qordis, who had died before the detonation of the thought bomb, he appeared to him after the battle. Former acrimony apparently forgotten, Kaan guided Bane on Dxun to a Sith holocron that would help him restore the Sith Order—and also tricked him into symbiosis with the orbalisks that would become his living armor

Later Darth Millenial followed his path and teachings, after enraging his Master and discarding the “Rule of Two”, he founded an entire dark side religion on Dromaand Kaas.

While on Dxun, Kaan managed to link with a holocron, and was eventually found by a group of adventurers and taken off world where the holocron was passed from sentient to sentient before finding its way aboard the Argus…

Skere Kaan (Sith Holocron)

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