Fang Zar (Deceased)

Senator of Sern sector


While not an accurate mechanical representation… if necessary, the stats for Philanthropic Senator can be used from the Core book pg. 408


Fang Zar

Currently on the run from the Empire. He has secured passage under a false name to Alderan and hopes to meet up with Senator Organa who is prepared to grant him asylum. He is currently being tracked by Lord Vader himself who recently obtained information on a handful of agitators who escaped him on Kashyyk and were traced to Alderan…

Attempting to flee, he was caught on Alderan by Darth Vader who severed him in half with a thrown light saber as he attempted to make his way onto a starship that was secretly set up by Bail Organa in an attempt to get the former Senator off world.

Fang Zar (Deceased)

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