Buir "Bixby" Sularen

A Sullustan Senate Detective assigned to Senator Ben Solo as attache'.


Buir “Bixby” Sularen, Sullustan Officer of the CSF, Senate Service Division.

Recent Graduate of UCPU (Upper Coruscant Planetary University) with a degree in Criminal Justice. Buir (called “Bixby” by classmates, the name of his hometown) graduated with high marks and entered Selection for the Coruscant Security Force (CSF), desiring to join the Organized Crime Unit to use his investigative skills and knowledge of criminal enterprise as a detective. He was, however, selected for Senate Service upon completion of Selection and assigned to Bail Organa as attache and bodyguard. Bixby was sworn in mere days before the Jedi’s failed coup attempt. His first day of service was flying Senator Organa to the Jedi Temple to investigate the fire. Senator Organa discovered the temple had been sacked by clone troopers, and his escape was facilitated by Bixby driving getaway!

During his course of study, Bixby’s lack of funds almost caused him to have to drop out. His “uncle” Sugar, a retired shock-boxer, lent him the needed money to complete his studies and finish Selection. Without Sugar’s help, Bixby would have been forced to drop out and head back to Sullust to join the (troubled) family business, back at Bixby, on the planet Sullust.

Senator Organa assigned Bixby to work with Senator Solo, to help Solo maintain a lower profile.

Buir "Bixby" Sularen

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