Star Wars: Rebellion

Witches of Dathomir

Session 1-4

The party traced an artifact (that they believe can be used to assist one of their now escaped Jedi brethren) to a merchant on Toydaria.

They arrived (eventually) to find the merchant was kidnapped and wanted by two hutt Cartels and a mysterious former inquisitor. They traced the object (and the merchant) to a safe house in the outlying area of the city and were ambushed while attempting to make a deal with one of the Hutt groups.

The party fought off a rival Hutt faction that assaulted the manor they were in, while they were in the middle of discovering the merchant had been severely wounded and later died from his injuries! Also, during the raid, three inquisitors arrived who were looking for the artifact.

The party sided with the raiding group of mercs to escape from the manor, and drove off the inquisitors while making their escape in stolen vehicles.

They mercs put them in contact with Idillic the Hutt. She was upset the merchant had died (a former business partner) and considered the party complicit in his death. To compensate her for the loss she asked the party to replace her business partner with the man who sold the merchant the artifact the group was looking for. If they agreed, she would allow them to keep the artifact and return their shuttle that she had impounded.

The group found out the former owner of the artifact used his profits to buy a run down space yacht. It crashed off the coast and had been there the past 2 weeks! The hutt intercepted the owners attempts to call for help and get repairs. The group arrived to find the ship in bad condition and sinking into a nearby river! As they attempted to save the previous owner (Dressk) the group was attacked by the EMPRIE who was ALSO looking for Dresk. The group drove away the Imperial ship, abducted the ISB leader, and killed four storm troopers.

After an arduous recovery attempt (that was rather lengthy) they managed to get the Yacht airborne.

Several phone calls later, they secured a time/destination to meet up with the Hutt after convincing Dresk he really had no options but to work for Idillic the Hutt. Since the group saved his ship, he gave them some information on the woman who attacked the group before (Jensarra) the inquisitor. He let them know that she had been an interested party, and he had done some research on her at HEMP STATION. A space station known for data mining and protection from Imperial business.

The group is now on their way to drop off Dresk and retrieve their shuttle.



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