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Star Wars: Rebellion An Edge of the Empire Campaign


This period focuses on the war for freedom. The Rebel Alliance challenges the rule of the Empire, seeking to end the tyranny and restore the glory of the Old Republic. The primary villain of the time is the Empire. The galaxy wide military machine controls world destroying Death Stars, a fleet of powerful Star Destroyers, and a seemingly endless number of armor clad Storm troopers. Alien species are persecuted and enslaved. Outer Rim worlds are devastated and stripped clean to support the Imperial war effort. It is a dark time for the galaxy.

The Emperor rules with an iron will. His key supporters include Dark Lord Darth Vader, Moffs and Grand Moffs of varying degrees of power and influence, military commanders, and a variety of secret police, spies, and assassins. The feared agents of the Imperial Security Bureau (the ISB) scour the galaxy for traitors and Rebels. The once great Jedi Order has been eliminated, and only a handful of Force sensitive individuals remain in hiding on out of the way planets – other than those darksiders working for the Emperor’s New Order.Vaderthinking

The Rebellion is a ray of hope in the blackness of he Dark Times. Outmanned and outgunned, the fighters of the Rebellion risk their lives in the effort to free the galaxy from Emperor Palpatine’s iron grip. Some Rebels fight for their homeworlds, some fight for their families, and some fight for ideals, but all fight the evils of tyranny. In addition to the Empire, opponents in this period include crime lords, smugglers, bounty hunters, and traitors to the Alliance. It’s up to the heroes to help turn the tide of Imperial Domination.

Our story begins…In the Dark Times were uprisings are small and restricted to specific planets or regions. Victories are difficult to achieve, and few make a lasting impact on the galaxy. Behind the scenes, a few powerful Imperial Senators struggle to battle against oppressive Imperial edicts. However, cooperation is limited by the fear of detection and the ignorance of others activities. Two senators, Bail Organa of Alderaan and Mon Mothma of Chandrila, secretly discuss organized resistance in the Organa’s Cantham House residence on Coruscant. Soon, veteran senator Garm Bel blis of Corellia becomes involved as he begins to fear that the New Order is causing Corellia to lose its distinctive identity. As the Dark Times give way to the Rebellion era, pockets of resistance around the galaxy become locally organized, and expand into an armed Rebellion…

Star Wars: Rebellion

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