Star Wars: Rebellion

Ice Station Zulu (Preview)
Session 4 (prelude)

Session 4 Ice Station Zulu (Preview)

The party has made their way to the outer rim and regrouped at a remote space station. They have obtained an important data disc which has much of what they hoped for, but also the unexpected trouble of its former owner (Black Sun) continuing to pursue their every step.

If that wasn’t enough, the information obtained in the disc, predominately the information regarding pre imperial data, is located on a ship known as the Sa Nalaor. The trouble is accessing the hyperspace coordinates that have been damaged or intentionally edited…

While planning their next move and how to deal with this unexpected obstacle the party is confronted by a Black Sun Vigo member, who has tracked them from Corucscant.

The individual that approaches the group (unlike his Coruscant associates) comes with an offer in hand, not a blaster. In exchange for the coordinates needed to use the disc to obtain the data, the Black Sun requests the party first travel to HOTH and acquire a package that may prove more dangerous than the ice planets numerous hazards.

Session 3 Shadows of a Black Sun

Session Three


The party ended up making their way through the city, following some clues as to how to escape the bounty hunter that was following them (The Senator from Corellia was almost killed and suffered a grevious wound to the leg) and they had a final altercation in the depths of an industrial level where the Merc. Sniper was killed by the party.

Now in possession of the disc (Contraband; classified only) pre imperial data the Senator Solo is able to recoup with his fellows at his Senatorial Plaza Apartment and access some of the encrypted data that has some very interesting data on a ship called Sa-nalaor…sa-nalaor.png which location points to the Unknown region.

This ends the begining arc campaign as the party has succeded in their goal of obtaining the disc. with potential information that Senator Solo could use agasint Palpatine. However, it appears you found much more than just “politicially damaging data” and the door is wide open for your next move.

The session ended with the group taking a charter flight out to the Zel Zonn Station. (outer rim) to meet up with Hera and the rest of the party. (*Note: Hera also has an Cerka “guest” aboard strapped to the table in the med bay; see notes on Session 2)

Regardless of your choices, you have taken your first step into a larger world…


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Shadows Of A Black Sun (Preview)


Welcome to Coruscant, the heart of the galaxy. This planet spaning city is the seat of the Empire’s power and home to over a trillion individuals. Even under the iron grasp of the Imperial forces, the sheer size of Coruscant makes it attractive to those who hope to make their fortunes, whether through legitimate means or less than legal activities.

The party are inside a facility run by the Black Sun criminal organization, slicing (in this case a hybrid skullduggery check is used as well) into a computer network to gain access to a disc that has information on Pre Empire data. However, the means used to access the vault and gain the disc was provided by the Pyke criminal family (something Bargos the Hutt failed to mention…) The Pyke Syndicate consists of a network of spice dealers who maintain outposts across the galaxy, and the party (from thier POV) owes them now. BIG. Accessing the secured data networks on the Black Sun is no easy task, however, and the party inadvertently trip an alarm the moment they aquired the file they went to retrieve.


The party make’s their way from the building to a busy landing platform outside. Luckily, an automated speeder sits waiting for potential customers.

Klaxons blare overhead as you flee from the facilty with the stolen disc. You hear Black Sun agents scrambling to investigate on the floors above. You exit the skyscraper onto a bustling landing platform where a droid driven airspeeder sits nearby awaiting a fare. A blaster bolt whizzes past yhour heads, and the speeder seems like the best and only option for escape. As you jump inside, the droid quickly zooms away into the stream of traffic. Unfortunately, the Black Sun thugs are not that easy to lose and within seconds they are in hot pursuit on swoop bikes of their own. More blaster bolts scream past your speeder, when suddenly a lucky shot takes out the piloting droid BOOM! tbc

Session 2 Debts To Pay

Debts To Pay

- The crew of the Argus traveled to the astroid where Bandin Dobah resides. There they met up with a probe droid that demanded a confirmation code. When they could not provide the information the Droid attacked the vessal (and notified the local pilot of an ugly; an attack fighter) and there was a brief battle. However, the Corellian Senator was able to talk the pilot of the ugly into standing down and securing a meeting with his boss.

-The crew landed inside the asroid and met up with the Crime Lord who is known for working in/around the Kessal Mine Penal Colony. There were some akward moments where Khan ripped up some of his flooring and disarmed a bomb, the Crime Lord attempted to video tape the Senator while asking him some leading questions, but in the end a deal was struck. In exchange for information on the Sa Nalaor in exchange for securing a business associates new venture perosnally. (A mine)

-The crew flew to Anchorhead, Tatooine. There, they met up with a down on his luck hutt (Bargos) who was experiencing some labor troubles. (He could no longer pay his guards) The crew even found out his palace was in the process of being foreclosed on by creditors. They were charged with flying out to a secure the transition of a mine that he had recently aquired in a sabaac game. He also requeted the party bring in the first annual progit of 100k. credits. The group met up with a few disgrunteled former employees outside, during thier conversation with the Hutt’s major domo some of the disgruntled ex employee gamorians broke into the palace, assaulted the Gamorean empolyees (violent beatdowns) and after they vicious beating they read the Hutt the riot act and took whatever was on hand of value.

-There was also a stint regarding smuggling some cases of spice (that had been taken from Dobahs astroid by the ship Hera who in turn employeed Mace Griffon to find a buyor for. This lead to some trouble with the ships Senator who ensured this would be the first and last time drug traficking was done by the crew. The spice was sold off and the crew left for the dangerous and distant world of Gavos.

-The crew landed on Gavos with little incident noting a a system of force field had been set up protecteding the mine facility from violent hurricane’s. They entered to find many of the staff dead. They began a sweep of the facility and determined the droids had become hostile and were attempting to kill all the organic’s in the mine (and succeded save for those that had escaped down into the lower mines) The crew found a deactivated droid that was not part of the “click” of killer droid’s to aid them in finding the mines reserves and assist them in identifying the droid leader.

-The party confronted the droids and there was a tense moment when the groups brave special agent had a rodian standoff while attempting to lead the surviving miners to safety and stared down the droid leader who was holding the equivalent of 3 thermal detonoators in an explosive device. A deal was reached before violence ensued. The droids would take the extra ship and a full load of ore in exchange for not attacking. However, Senator Solo had the ships mechanic disable the gas lineSteve o

-Meanwhile Hera tracked a probe droid in a cloud car that had left the mines before thier arrival and had been destorying the generator providing protection from the environemt. A long dog fight battle commenced as it had destoryed 3 of the 8 generators (only one more would collapse the field) and the Argos was able to finally destroy the cloud car before it could doom the mine (and its workers).

-The crew followed the droid ship into orbit where it “ran out of gas” and Hera took it a step further by damaging half thier ship with a version of a tracker beam turned into a weapon… the droids surrendered the raw ore. The crew returned to the mines to deal with the miners and collect Bargos money. The miners objected to the sum that was requested and produced a liabilities laundry list that left Bargos owners equity in the red!! The crew began negotiations in what was reasonable and what could be done. In the end a compromise was met that would allow the miners to conintue to work, the mine to function, and Bargos to be happy with what was brought to him (as much as a Hutt could be happy anyway…)

-The crew returned to Anchorhead and handed over the credits to the Hutt who was in the midst of being harrased by an angry merc. who didnt seem to mind insulting anyone (though the Senator difused a potentially volitale situation between the crews Mando and the Merc. solider) *later the Merc was acosted by Mace Griffon who was aided by Hera when the merc left town.

-The Hutt was able to pay off his debts (at least the ones that would allow him to keep his land and palace) and the crew surely made another ally in the Hutt for saving the day. The Hutt was good on his word and provided information on a data disk, the location, and a password to access it. However, the disk was in a safe house on Coruscant on a level controled by the Black Sun.

-The party left Tatooine for Coruscant and stopped at a star base in the Coruscant system. From there the Senator, Sullistan, Khan, and Mace Griffon took a shuttle to the planet. By luck (bad is there any other kind?) the Argus was tagged as a stollen ship by the Cerka Corp. and dispatched thier agent immediately. The ship was told to stand by as ST were being sent to board it however, the Cerka man had shown up first and boarded the vessel but, he was apprehended by the crew and tied in the med bay. The Argus did not stick around and immediately jumped out of the system into deep space.

-The Senator had some trouble with the TSA but, eventually was able to get to his car with his party and make it to his apt. From the groups spent several weeks on Coruscant resting, reseraching, keeping up on news, completeing tasks (esp the Senator), [The Argos spent this time lying low; evading Cerka’s persuit] and eventually the groundwork for infiltrating the Black Sun safehouse where the data chip was located had been finalized. The group was able to infiltrate the safehouse and barely escape the grounds with the chip and make it to thier get away car as thier pursuers where hot on thier heels, blasting away…

Note: There was a time jump at the end of this session roughly 3-5 weeks.
Notice: The total points earned for this session – 20 points.

Theme song for SW: Rebellion Campaign

SW: Rebellion Theme Song Short Change Hero


Behind the Curtain 1

Behind the Curtain


The Star Destroyer Exactor, second in a line of newly minted Imperator class naval vessels, emerged from hyperspace and inserted into orbit, its spiked bow aimed at the former Separatist world Murkhana. In his quarters aboard the capital ship now under his personal command, Darth Vader, gloved and artificial right hand clamped on the hilt of his new light saber, knelt before a larger than life hologram of Emperor Palpatine. It has been four weeks since the Empire formed.

Palaptine – This is an important time for you, Lord Vader. You are finally free to make full use of your powers. If not for us, the Galaxy would not be restored to order. Your destiny will be fulfilled. You will have all you need, and more if you simply demonstrate your will to take it, at whatever cost to those who stand in your way.

(without revealing his distress at being unable to maintain the kneeling posture, Vader replies)

Vader – What are your orders, Master?

Palaptine – Word has reached me that a group of clone troopers on Murkhana may have deliberately refused to comply with Order sixty-six.

Vader – What was the cause of the troopers insubordination, Master?

Palpatine – Contagion. ::sneering:: Contagion brought about by fighting alongside the Jedi for so many years. Clone or otherwise, there is only so much a being can be programmed to do. Sooner or later even a lowly trooper will become the sum of his experiences. However, ::leaning in:: YOU will demonstrate to them the peril of independent thinking, Lord Vader, the refusal to obey orders.

Vader – To obey you, Master.

Palpatine – To obey US, my apprentice. Remember that.

Vader- Yes, my Master. ::pausing:: It’s possible, then, that some Jedi may have survived?

Palpatine – ::displeased:: I am not worried about your pathetic former friends, Lord Vader. Deal with the Clone Troopers, so others will see this as a reminder for the rest of their abbreviated lives they would do well to understand whom they truly serve.

::serious tone, possibly nudging Vader with the Force::

I shall do the same on Coruscant to establish our Institution with programs protected by law. We shall create programs relied on by the people. The law will advance our philosophy, our philosophy will advance the policy, and finally the policy will be used to control the people and bring order to the galaxy.

Vader – I understand ::pauses:: What of the Senate? The political activists?

Palpatine – I have given them a warning. Most are grateful to have been released from holding and have already fled to their home worlds. I will soon deal with the firebrands in the Senate… as for the dissidents well, steps have been taken to ensure the peoples “compliance”.

You see, Lord Vader, the easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. The people will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened. ::laughs:: The people will turn on the Senators and do our work for us.

Vader – Yes, my Master.

Palpatine – It is time that you were revealed as my authority. I leave it to you to drive the point home.

Vader – It shall be as you command, my Master.


Session 1 Trouble Brewing

Session 1 Trouble Brewing


The story begins with Sen. Solo meeting with Bail Organa in regards to secretly establishing a link with credible smugglers who operate in the outer rim. He is tased with traveling to Formos and meeting with an Aqualish smuggler named Bandin Doobah (A ruthless smuggler with bounty’s on his head from the Empire and Hutts)

Prior to leaving on his mission the young Senator decided to employ a “man at arms” and after making some enquiries he was led to a young Mandolorian warrior who was “vacationing” on Alderaan; Mace Griffon of clan Ordo.Mando merc The two agreed on payment for the job and returned to their ship the Argus.

While preparing for their mission to Formos the ships piolot Herra decided to do some research on the planet and determined that water is at a premium. The ships loader droid was used to cut out chunks of glacier in the Northern remote area of the planet and store it in the cargo hold to sell on the arid planet later.

In route, the crew found a large black capsule with Imperial markings. After some trouble opening it, they were able to determine a living human was inside the canister. The human awoke with hibernation sickness but, recovered quickly. He remembered little of anything. Shorlty after, he began having flashbacks and snap shots of what had happened to him but nothing solid. He was able to retrieve some basic equipment from the capsule but nothing eluding to his past specifically.

The Argus landed on Formos Spaceport and Sen. Solo and Mace Griffon began their search. They visited with a few natives, learning what they could of the culture and climate (stopping a local con man who was masquerading as one of Dobah’s men and returning some of the credits he stolen to their rightful owners) of the town…later they found a badly damaged variant of the C 3p0 model named Jive-5. He told them a sad story of his master who planned to sell a secret hyperspace route that led away from the sector and was killed for it. The data was hidden in his counterpart astromech droid which had been taken on their way to the local Cantina. The Astromech droid was taken and he was left for “dead”. The Sen. decided to take the poor droid along and the trio made their way to RII Jenks Cantina where they spoke with Snoo, a Devarionian information broker garbed in red cultist robes who informed them of the location of the smugglers warehouse by pointing out a patron of the bar (A Toydarian) who works for a man named Dargo Blunt. A lieutenant of the man they are searching for. Sure enough, the creature flies right to the man… The Sen. approaches and enters the warehouse to find the Toydarian arguing with Blunt over something but, ceases upon noticing the uninvited guests. There is a brief stand off, which almost leads to violence, but is prevented with Solo’s charm (and a lot of credits). The LT. gives up his bosses whereabouts (a asteroid facility in Wild Space) and also secures a ride to the Mid Rim. There in the Warehouse the Sen. also fins the astromech droid which had been taken earlier from his new friend Jive-5. The Sen. immediately entered into a negotiation with Dargo for the droid and secured it for more credits. That is about the time the chaos began with a chirp of his com link and the sudden announcement to the town via loudspeaker to report to the spaceport dock or die by Imperial bombardment…

(Prior to…meanwhile)

The ships new crewmember KHAN begins talking with Trenna and Herra. The ship’s pilot using a contact from the tower control, begins negotiations with a local to purchase his water. However, the negotiations were interrupted when an Imperial Officer came upon the ship for a routine inspection, scarring the man away. The Imp Officer boarded the vessel and began asking many questions. Upon his search of the ship he found the Imperial Container that KHAN was in earlier. He examined and entered some data he found on the canister into his data pad and then immediately called for back up. “THIS IS A CODE 2, I REPEAT THIS IS A CODE 2!!!” after which, Herra gave the notice for all “crew” members to secure themselves in their quarters in restraining chairs. The officer furious at this announcement demanded answers and was ignored. As soon as the crew was secured (and by this time several Storm Tropers (hence forth ST) were arriving at the landing port)the ship lifted off, began spinning at incredible speeds and opened up the cargo bay releasing some of the melted ice (water fall like amount of fire hose style spray) hit the ST and knocked them over the guard rail of the landing pad to the rocky depths below. This maneuver also killed the officer in the hall near the capsule who was throw into the bulkheads and splattered over the ceiling…

After this the man in the control tower began a pained and frightened series of questions and assumptions with the ship’s pilot. (who answered all his questions honestly) Most of the conversation was sent out to the town… the end of which concluded with his public announcement that the Imperial would blame everyone involved, and shoot first and ask questions later. He declared an orbital bombardment was imminent as the Imp officer was dead, and the ST were murdered. He demanded to be taken off planet by Herra (who agreed; for everyone) and the evacuation began.

The crew traveled to Tith to “get rid of” all the passengers and removed 350 or the 400 they took on. From there they made their way to the asteroid to continue their search of Dobah…

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