Star Wars: Rebellion

Shadows Of A Black Sun (Preview)


Welcome to Coruscant, the heart of the galaxy. This planet spaning city is the seat of the Empire’s power and home to over a trillion individuals. Even under the iron grasp of the Imperial forces, the sheer size of Coruscant makes it attractive to those who hope to make their fortunes, whether through legitimate means or less than legal activities.

The party are inside a facility run by the Black Sun criminal organization, slicing (in this case a hybrid skullduggery check is used as well) into a computer network to gain access to a disc that has information on Pre Empire data. However, the means used to access the vault and gain the disc was provided by the Pyke criminal family (something Bargos the Hutt failed to mention…) The Pyke Syndicate consists of a network of spice dealers who maintain outposts across the galaxy, and the party (from thier POV) owes them now. BIG. Accessing the secured data networks on the Black Sun is no easy task, however, and the party inadvertently trip an alarm the moment they aquired the file they went to retrieve.


The party make’s their way from the building to a busy landing platform outside. Luckily, an automated speeder sits waiting for potential customers.

Klaxons blare overhead as you flee from the facilty with the stolen disc. You hear Black Sun agents scrambling to investigate on the floors above. You exit the skyscraper onto a bustling landing platform where a droid driven airspeeder sits nearby awaiting a fare. A blaster bolt whizzes past yhour heads, and the speeder seems like the best and only option for escape. As you jump inside, the droid quickly zooms away into the stream of traffic. Unfortunately, the Black Sun thugs are not that easy to lose and within seconds they are in hot pursuit on swoop bikes of their own. More blaster bolts scream past your speeder, when suddenly a lucky shot takes out the piloting droid BOOM! tbc


Trying to tie one stand alone adventure in with another stand alone adventure (which does not easily allow for events to easily transition over) is not an easy thing to do. Espeically since a level of contrived action is necessary with me trying to balance what is “fair” to the party. Im doing that with three modeuls (two in advance!!) as I need to transition into Black Sun while holding off expectations from the end of the previous module to take place in the start of a third module. And this all has to seem like it has a reasonable flow(not forced), LOL.

A GM’s job is never done…

Shadows Of A Black Sun (Preview)

I thought the transition was well done. When you do favors for one shady character, you inevitably end up dealing with other shady characters. The smuggler told us to help the Hutt, who will no doubt tell us to help the Pyke’s.

Shadows Of A Black Sun (Preview)


Yeah, the underworld has lots of strings attached to whatever people are involved in I suppose.

Shadows Of A Black Sun (Preview)

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