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Session 4 Ice Station Zulu

Session 4


Et tu, Load-lifter? Et tu?

You never go full on Rakghoul…

The group decided to leave Sel Zonn Station. The group finished their meeting with Father chainz and departed for Hera immediately. Along the way they spotted a man who appeared to be carrying Khan’s (previously stolen) backpack. The man was flanked by the party who entered the promenade (which resembles a rundown outlet store in a deserted mall) and quickly took out his allies, while Khan drug him around the corner and down a somewhat secluded hallway.

During the confrontation an injured man who was taken down by the group, drew attention from an elderly couple who calld the local security for aid!! The Brentaal Security Force was pulled from an important crime investigation on the lower level to deal with this altercation.observeandreport.jpg

The party eventually regrouped on Hera and made their way to Hoth. Unfortunately, there was an error in the hyperspace coordinates that caused the ship to come out of hyperspace too close to the planet and to make things worse, it was also hit with an EMP weapon from a ship that was waiting in orbit. This caused the vessel to go into a tail spin which is barely recovered before crashing into the base of one of Hoth’s mountains near the landing platform of the prison facility.

The ship is badly damaged and a couple members of the crew almost die, but are saved via a rescue mission and repairs on the ship commence. After a couple days the group makes their way up the mountain to the covered open entrance of the facility. Entering the docking bay, disguised as Imperials with prisoners for the transfer, they are instead greeted by security personnel who are confused and attempting to gain access to the prison facility, which has gone into lockdown due to an assumed prison riot. The platform personnel eventually engage the party in a social encounter, but the group convinces them they are there to help and Senator Solo gains information on a second entrance to the prion. They entered a maintenance entrance on the other side of the complex, and the group made it there via Bixby excellent piloting skills as he drove down the side of the mountain and navigated his way to the entrance outside despite the harsh environmental obstacles. Upon reaching the tunnel into the facility the group was attacked by a couple Wampas that were put down rather quickly.


The group killed the creature before it transformed fully in an act of mercy. However, the party was attacked as they traveled through the facility, at one point, by multiple packs. This almost proved their undoing and they retreated to one of the prisoner cells for protection. After regrouping, and being in the fortuitous position of having a couple of the Wampas from the outside drawing away some of the Rakghouls, they made their escape from the scene of the fight and deeper into the lower levels. As they made their way to the final level, the Load lifter made a sacrificial move to bar a doorway and take on an entire pack of rakghouls so the party could escape to the level below.


Arriving in the lowest level (labs) the main lab has the answer the team has sought, along with a pair of dangerous guards driven insane by the events in the facility, who are “protecting” two of the worst specimens in the lab. The group was able to stall the guards while planting explosives near the container holding two huge rakghouls in hibernation. The team recovered the virus and cure, exited the facility, and took care of the guards and Rakghoul super beasts with the explosion behind.


Traveling down an escape hatch which led back to the landing platform, they took on the security guard personal that they had originally met when they arrived at the facility. It was also evident that some of the Rakghouls had escaped and made their way out into the wilds of Hoth. It didn’t take long to make it back to the ship with supplies from the docking bay to repair their ship, Hera.

At that point, the group ran into the ship that had fired the EMP weapon while reaching orbit and after a series of events, was able to incapacitate the vessel and push it into a decaying orbit where it crashed on Hoth.

At that point, while further repairs were being made the group fell into a heated debate over whether they honor their bargain and return with the samples of the XR-12 virus and antigen. (And the extra vial of Jango Fett’s DNA)rakghoul-customization-3.jpg

The group (after much talking, yelling, shooting, and summary judgment of the content of others character…) decided to contact Father Chainz and offer an alternative. They would relinquish some of the cure along with the DNA of Jango Fett in order to remove any physical permanent repercussion. Other considerations could be made as well, and some possible scenarios were laid at the party’s feet such as a possible black listing from civilized areas controlled by the Black Sun. In the end it was decided that a face to face meeting would be necessary on Nal-Hutta in 3 days.

The group continued to discuss what their future plans would entail as they entered hyperspace…


:;Click click click:: Be cool. You be cool. Everybody be cool…

Session 4 Ice Station Zulu

I thought this session was pretty epic. A lot of twists and turns and a good dose of anxiety. Everyone stayed in character (and also showed/developed more of their character) and this was in a confrontational PC on PC issue. This rarely happens in our group, and we pulled an all-nighter which has been awhile. Everyone did a pretty good job, aside for the final resolution (which turned into the crux of the next session; I think if you had resolve that I would have granted 30 points. Keep in mind I think 25 points is the most I have ever given for one session.) you guys burned that mod down. Great job everyone!!

I was going to go a step further and turn it up a notch and do something really crazy and unexpected in the next one to top what happened in the past session. And now… im thinking that maybe that is not the way to go. If we were to keep playing this consistently I would throw caution to the wind, but I think maybe after the last mod we need a lull. A more traditional and stable problem for our little group of rebels and malcontents. Maybe you deserve a breather and something you can all focus your attention on, as a cohesive unit.

Since we are only doing this for Sat session, that is prob the wisest course of action. (Esp compared to what I had planned. But that will def. transpire at some point in the future…)

I just want to say again, everyone kicked ass. Now… be ready to go find a Ghost ship!!

Session 4 Ice Station Zulu

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