Star Wars: Rebellion

Ice Station Zulu (Preview; Part 2)

Session 4 (prelude; Part 2)


After the end of the CLONE WARS, much of the galaxy is in the grip of the vast and powerful EMPIRE.

Working to consolidate its power, the EMPIRE has engaged in many secret research projects in the far flung reaches of the galaxy.

Many of these endeavors are opportunities or the criminal underworld of the outer rim, who are eager to gain the wealth and power that these medical and military breakthroughs provide.

And the criminal underworld has no shortage of people to gain these secrets for them.

::The crew meets up with the high ranking agent of the Black Sun Syndicate on the lower level of the space station, in a dive called the Imploded Leku.::


After a lengthy discussion and moderately difficult debate the crew decides to take Father Chainz, this seemingly trusting individual, at his word. He seems completely trustworthy and sincere, a straight shooter. timcurry.png Assuring the crew that the only reason they Black Sun would not be able to obtain this through more conventional measures is the fact their agents would be recognized by members working at the Hoth Prison facility the crew is being asked to travel to and acquire a prototype of a stimpack being developed at this “lab facility”, as well as the research notes. In return, the Black Sun will forgive the incursion into their base on Coruscant, provide the group with the coordinates to the ship they seek that is in the outer rim, and also make a valuable contact with Father Chainz.

The crew is given disguises that consist of several sets of Imperial uniforms and prisoner outfits with the cover to arrive with prisoners for transfer, and a security password.

Father Chainz instructions are simple: Land and talk to the ground crew. Let them know you are there to meet with “Dr. Tui about the XR-12 deployment”. A Black Sun agent inside will grant you clearance into the facility. Once inside, find the prototype Stimpack and steal it, along with all the research on it. Simple. Right?"

As the crew begins to leave the bar, they run into a mysterious stranger exploring the galaxy and seeking fortune and glory…

*See comments section for notes regarding this arc.


The incentive for this job is a good one. You remove the bounty on your head, gain the location of the ship you need, and possibly make a major contact with the Black Sun.

This is a horror theme session, so some basic rules may be thrown out the window in favor of the narrative elements. I also encourage you guys to point out anything you think will make for a better theme.

Keep in mind you are going to be in a “survival-horror” setting so you will be denied an easy position to “go buy stuff”. However, keep in mind the location and what may be on hand to aid you in your goals… the tense nature of this theme will also limit how often or how much time I allow you regarding healing and making plans. You have been advised.

Note: Strain can be removed by making resilience checks after ten minutes of rest.

Note: Hero!? We just got our asses kick pal! (No big damn hero) You will all roll one destiny die at the beginning of this game.

Remember- You suggest how Triumph results are resolved, the GM determines how Despair is spent. And there will be scenes with yellow and red die rolled. (Ex: if a scene is really intense you may be asked to make a check or take on a temp. insanity penalty that changes purple die to red to represent the extreme trauma and stress you are dealing with.)

Finally, remember this is survival horror. Don’t look at it like the deck is stacked against you. You know this going in!! A can do attitude is needed. Ripley didn’t piss her pants and shoot herself and newt when Bishop flew the ship off the landing pad. And the Old Priest in the exorcist didn’t say “Fuck this, im out of here” when the young priest buckled and he had to go back in the room alone. This is true grit!!

Ice Station Zulu (Preview; Part 2)

“Never go full on Rakghoul”

Ice Station Zulu (Preview; Part 2)

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