Star Wars: Rebellion

Ice Station Zulu (Preview)

Session 4 (prelude)

Session 4 Ice Station Zulu (Preview)

The party has made their way to the outer rim and regrouped at a remote space station. They have obtained an important data disc which has much of what they hoped for, but also the unexpected trouble of its former owner (Black Sun) continuing to pursue their every step.

If that wasn’t enough, the information obtained in the disc, predominately the information regarding pre imperial data, is located on a ship known as the Sa Nalaor. The trouble is accessing the hyperspace coordinates that have been damaged or intentionally edited…

While planning their next move and how to deal with this unexpected obstacle the party is confronted by a Black Sun Vigo member, who has tracked them from Corucscant.

The individual that approaches the group (unlike his Coruscant associates) comes with an offer in hand, not a blaster. In exchange for the coordinates needed to use the disc to obtain the data, the Black Sun requests the party first travel to HOTH and acquire a package that may prove more dangerous than the ice planets numerous hazards.



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