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Dead Man's Hand (Preview)

Session 5 (Preview)




Recent attacks on trading ships in the ARAH SYSTEM have plagued merchant vessels, but the EMPRIE has paid no heed. A powerful Hutt’s offspring has disappeared in the region, which has caused chaos within the Black Sun Syndicate.

Survivors of the attacks describe a phantom starship that appears to be DUGAN’S HAND, a legendary pirate vessel that disappeared almost three centuries ago.

While rumors spread of ghost ships and ancient curses, flocks of media and treasure hunters from around the galaxy have come to the Arah Asteroid Belt hoping to unravel the mystery of DUGAN’S HAND


::The crew has arrived on the famous smuggler’s moon of Nar Shadda. Their current contact with the Black Sun, Father Chainz meets them at the space port entrance alone. Obviously, as a sign of good faith. powell.jpgDespite the recent issue concerning the inability for the group to hand over the toxin they obtained from Hoth the friendly Father Chainz, after a small inquiry, realizes the decision is not being made in an attempt to extort money or make the BS appear weak. In normal circumstances, this would not matter and things would have a unfortunate turn out… However, things are far from conventional on Nar Shadda this week. The good Father leads the group onto a shuttle and the group speeds off to the one of the floating Casinos high above Nar-Shadda as he explains the situation::

In exchange to forgive and forget the Hoth Incident, and regain our favor (you will still need to relinquish the Cure and the Fett DNA) the BS is asking you seek out the remains of a long-disappeared pirate vessel, Dugan’s Hand. He transmits a dossier to the team data pad’s and your ship Hera. It contains the following information-

  • 8 weeks ago, a series of violent attacks began on merchant ships in the Arah Belt. All trade in the region has been disrupted. Most of these attacks left no one alive, but one survivor was rescued before dying of his wounds in a med bay. With his dying words, he spoke of a ship with pirate markings that appeared “out of thin air” and, with no warning, destroyed their vessel with sustained turbo laser fire before vanishing as mysteriously as it appeared.
  • In the past 4 weeks, however, the attacks have intensified in frequency, and have left several survivors.
  • These survivors have told similar tales of what they called a “ghost ship” appearing out o nowhere. They were also able to describe the markings and silhouette of the vessel, and records indicate that their descriptions fit the known markings and make of Dugan’s Hand, a notorious pirate vessel that disappeared without a trace inside the Arah Belt almost 300 years ago.
  • Merchant traffic through and around the belt has come to a near halt, and news outlets and reports have picked up on the story, which is making headlines across the galaxy. Skeptics insist that modern brigands are masquerading as the long dead pirates, while “true believers” insist that the vile pirate, Dugan, has returned from the beyond with his ghostly crew!
  • The BS doesn’t believe in any supernatural occurrences, of course, but wants to strike while the iron is hot and wants you to locate the remains of Dugan’s Hand, which they believe must be somewhere within the asteroid belt where it disappeared.
  • Finding the relic of a ship (or parts of it) would make a boon in their reputation in the region and would help the BS capitalize on the current media frenzy, and word of mouth with those who deal with the BS.
  • Lastly, one of the Council members of the BS offspring was aboard one of the ships that was not recovered. If you find the actual relic ship, chances are you will run into the imposter ship, and they would be the ones to divulge the BS Council members whereabouts.

The previous debt to the BS will be paid. The Hoth incident forgiven. And they will pay 1000 credits for previously unknown historical data and anywhere from 2000-4000 credits for an artifacts, such as pieces of the ship or equipment from the era. If you are able to locate and recover the full wreck of the Dugan’s Hand (if it exists); the BS has promised the team an extremely large bonus of 15,000 credits.

Of course, finding the actual pirates who abducted the BS council offspring is priority number one and will gain you the coordinates to the outer rim vessel you seek.

You will be given 24 hours to rest and conduct any intelligence before you leave for the region in question. You are each to be given an executive suite with 500 credits in chips. I wish you the very best of luck, and await your swift return my fast friends.


Note: See comments for information on the theme of the session.


You will not be allowed to use Hera in this session as Lyle will be out and (the story reason) being that Hera was very badly damaged. In essence, I need to roll on the SHIP critical table as HERA took some crits on HOTH. So, Hera will be staying at Nar-Shadda for repairs.

The group (within their 24 hour rest/research phase) will need to either buy/rent/charter a ship for the region they are going to…

Strain suffered during a scene can be removed through Resilience checks after a character has had ten or twenty minutes of rest to attempt to shake it off. Several hours without stress should reduce a character’s current Strain by half, automatically; and a full night’s rest should remove all strain.

Obligation will be rolled normally. (Subtracting Hera)

Destiny- In this session, I will allow Big Damn Hero. However, if you choose this option you must begin play with at least ONE Dark Side Point. (This will not cause double DSP, say you roll one DSP. That would mean you are starting with one already) Again, this only applies if you roll 2 force die. If you only roll one, then this will not apply. (This is due to the theme of this session, with the incredible pressure to do very well and pull off this job. You have been given a second chance, make the best of it)

Triumph- I’m going to treat Triumph as especially good this session. This job is actually one were everyone can work together for a good cause, make honest money (as honest as working for a murderous criminal conglomerate gets anyway), and help bring the group back together with common goals and teamwork.

Plus, the good guys need a win…

Dead Man's Hand (Preview)

This session was about 2/3 done.

The premise was the party borrowed a ship (Herra was being repaired), to go into a Bermuda triangle type place that was surrounded by an old space station that was used as the hub of a mining operation outside a asteroid belt.

The group was investigating the disappearance of an old ship, that had been reportedly attacking Imps.

The crew got in trouble on the space station, had a run in with a rival crew who was also looking for the ship, made their way out into the asteroid field and were attacked by the mythical vessel that was last seen many years ago. They boarded the vessel, to find out it was being operated not by “ghost pirates”, but droids who had became “insane”. The captain especially. In the end, the crew was able to “tow” the ship back (it was heavily damaged in the attempt to take control, and by fighting off the other ships that were in the droid captains “fleet”, which were all destroyed).

The party managed to tow the ship back to the star base, where it was then taken by members of the Black Sun. However, the ship was then seized in route back to the outer rim by the Imps. The Black Sun blamed the players (partially) for failing to return the ship as promised and only paid the crew 1/3 of the agreed upon amount. However, their debt was erased in full and they have been blacklisted from any further deals with the Black Sun Syndicate and warned to stay out of their way in the future.

Points Earned: 5
Credits Earned: 5,000 total

Aftermath: Baring Lyle still being down this week. The crew will be left with the POS light freighter they were allowed to borrow for the Black Sun job. It’s about to blow up anyway… and it was stolen. And its cursed. Good luck.

Dead Man's Hand (Preview)

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