Star Wars: Rebellion

Beyond the Rim (two)

Episode II: Welcome to the Jungle (Continued)

Episode II: Welcome to the Jungle (Continued)



Once the party arrived at Cholganna, they carried out an extensive search operation to locate the ship. Along the way, they discover wreckage debris, abandoned escape pods, and eventually the ship itself. They fought off several creatures including a swarm of huge wasps, a flash mob of what were called “Zombies” or persons with “Space Madness… SPACE MADNESS!!” who got into several pharmaceutical supplies from the frigates sick bay.
Some of the creatures were on speed, some on methanfedamine, but a few got into the Viagra"… Space Madness Indeed.

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The crew located “the vault” on one section of the ship, but it was located far under the ground and possibly flooded. They continued on to the bridge…


Eventually, the group faced off (twice) against a pack of Nexu, including cybernetically enhanced Nexu. The following morning after sleeping it off in a break room on the ship, the crew were found via IT-3PO homing beacon that drew the attention of Captain Harsol, the droids former master.

Also, the Yiyar clan caught up with the party at the same time. The Captain decided to take both groups back to the secret fortified settlement called the Retreat.


The group were given a chance to speak to the village as a whole while answering questions about the state of the galaxy before attempting to negotiate any sort of deal with Captain Harsol. Camp politics came into play, and the party was made privy to a rift between some of the populace and the captain. Harsol has been hiding from the Empire for so long that his paranoia has a chokehold over the camp: any who try to leave the planet mysteriously disappear.

Meanwhile, the party and the Yiyar clan were set up to spend the night in the same house (Yiyar upstairs, Party down stairs) which caused a lot of tension. Both the party and the Yiyar were able to speak with survivors, Cratala (the Arkanian master cyberneticist who altered the Nexu), and survivors. As the night carried on, and the next morning came the Captain stopped in to speak with the party again. There was a distinct impression the Yiyar clan had the upper hand in the negotiation process… the group asked the captain to be patient and attempt to speak with Senator Solo on a com link.

Note: During the course of the session, Hera spent some time conversing with the Holocron image of Lord KAAN who offered his services to aid in the struggle against the Empire. I have added him to the character tab as a person of note.

XP Award: 20


Note: Reom’s Terms that are expected to be met.

Primary (Optimal mission goal): Cratala, a copy of her research, and her remaining staff, either in person or in a position to fully cooperate with IsoTech. This will massively impress Reom and put the group in his good graces for a long time.

Bare necessity for mission success: A copy of Cratala’s cybernetic research data and designs.

Mission Failure with partial success: A physical example of Cratala’s cybernetic, a prototype or an equipped nexu. Alternatively, a member of her staff.

Utter failure (but not returning empty handed): A significant amount of the precious metal bars, Coordinates to the Sa Nalor’s wreck and scans of its current condition. Confirmation on survivor status.

Beyond the Rim (two)

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