Star Wars: Rebellion

Beyond the Rim (Session 3)

Episode 3: The Planet of Junk

Raxus Prime

This will be a short recap, as it was a long session and the ending was a hodge-podge of assumptions, future dealings, and time increases…

The session began with Senator Solo calming down the Captain and getting a ride in to the village via his allies in the mule. There he was able to negotiate for more time. Meanwhile, back at the Argus, an attempt was made to take off after detecting a probe droid in the area. While lifting off the bulk of the engineering section of the Sa Nalaar landed on top of the Argus, preventing it from moving. The Argus took moderate damage and it took some time to take off. (While trying, Hera opened the cargo bay doors and let the victims of the SPACE MADNESS!! In to the ship)

The party secured the services of the cyberneticist Cratala after the Imperials located the settlement. The Imps came in with a minor scouting party (it’s all they had; but they brought it all) and offered to make a deal with the survivors of the village if they turned over the Captain Horsal and Cratala. The group immediately responded with force by answering the offer with a well place sniper shot to the Imperial Officer that almost killed him. The village was in chaos, and some people even shot other camp members in disagreement over what to do next. This is where Tam set up a trap at the gate with Nexu food for the Imps coming through the gate and Morris attempted to negotiate with the leader of the Yiyar clan, but instead killed him when a deal could not be reached. More chaos ensued.


The Empire eventually formed a wedge and pushed through the village gates. The party fell back to the laboratory where the nexu were kept (this was were Cratala worked); she made an agreement to leave with the party if they protected her. The surviving member of the village, and what was left of the Yiyar clan also made it into the lab as the village was being overrun with Stormtroopers. They headed out the back after releasing the Nexu. The survivors raced down to the river where the Yiyar clan ship Nightflyer as landing. At that point, Morris tried to negotiate again. This time with his recent nemesis “Too Low” Salo. An agreement was reached rather quickly, and everyone boarded the ship as it was being fired on by the Imperial Carrier. The ship immediately headed for orbit, being chased by the Imperial freighter. Some fire was exchanged and the Imp ship broke off fearing for the worst.

Eventually, Argus met up in space with the Nightflyer and the decision was made to land back on the planet in a remote area so repairs could be made. A day was spent repairing the ship, securing new deals, and making plans and training in force powers and light saber design.

The Argus left the planet and headed for Raxus Prime. There they were greeted by TIE Fighters which lead them to the Imperial Base and Senator Solo talked his way through the formalities of the permit process (bypassing it really) by making an ally of the station commander in orbit, and the garrison leader on the surface (an unfortunate set of fellows). They eventually left and made their way to ROEM secret base for the Isotech Co. They found out they recently were infiltrated, and Roem had almost been killed in an assassination attempt. While waiting for him to recover and attempt was made on Senator Solo life, and there was an altercation with Trandshans posing as Jawas!!

The party prevailed, found out the Black Sun had put out the open contract on them all, but managed to locate a bacta tank from the real jawas who gave them 20 percent discount for the inconvenience of the attempted murder in their establishment. (Nice Jawas)
The group (after healing from the ordeal) made some personal business decisions, assisted Roem who they eventually met in their converted Corellian Corvett ship sick bay with finding parts for the damaged engine. They handed over the research and Cortalla joined Isotech (with the other survivors), the Argus crew was paid and became full partners.

The group then left Raxus Prime for Dantooine Click Here. There they met up with a Crime Lord from Black Sun, and discussed their differences. The Senator was able to negotiate with the Black Sun Vigo and end the hostilities toward the crew and his outfit. At that point, the Senator returned to the Core World to fulfill some business/work issues that had been discussed and the rest of crew stayed on Dantooine waiting for their next move and enjoying some time off. There was rumor a Jedi Enclave once was used on the planet. Several months go by, and everyone is shocked when Senator Solo returns with Bail Organa! Alive!!

He informs the crew that he will be lying low aboard the Argus until he receives word from his friends in the Rebel Alliance that their new secret HQ base is operational on some remote ice planet…

Note: The timeline increased several months. Perhaps half a year. (I’m leaving the number vague. However, we are roughly 6 months prior to Empire Strikes Back when the next session starts.)

XP AWARD: 30 points (Total; for the entire session. You received 10 half-way. I awarded 20 at the end)


The crew was paid 30,000 credits by ROEM.

The Argus had a sensor Upgrade Package installed.

Khan was awarded 10 free points for the Battle Meditation Power. Also, he was given one Force Increment Increase.

Morris was awarded 10 free points for the Influence Power. Also, he was given one Force Increment Increase.

I will require both of you to put at least ONE rank in light saber (even if you don’t have the class) which will cost you ten points. You now not only have a rank in it, but also gain the knowledge of how to find what is necessary to build one, along with the knowledge of how to carry out the assembly.

Senator Solo is elevated to Sr. Senator in the wake of Bel-Iblis going rogue and becoming a fleet commander! (His character is heavily in the media for several months following that event)

Beyond the Rim (Session 3)

I think Bixby, my Sullustan detective, would have been on the mission to protect Organa. When he returns, so would Bixby.

Morris spends time investigating on Dantooine. He would be searching for archives or any information he could about what happened to Kaan. In accepting the training of the Brotherhood, Morris realizes that he’s walking down a dangerous road. He tries to balance that out with different self-instruction.

Beyond the Rim (Session 3)

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