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Beyond the Rim

Episode 1: The Tale of the Sal Nalaor


Cobblepot on Treasure Hunting

The Sa Nalaor? Well, now that’s going back a bit. There was a time when every treasure hunter in the Outer Rim was out there looking for that long lost Separatist flying vault. While the truth and the Sa Nalaor rarely seem to go together, one thing’s for sure: the Sa Nalaor’s infamous for disappearing.

Here’s one version of the story, and it might even be true: at the end of the Clone Wars, a Separatist captain loaded up his ship with every credit and ingot he could fit. When the Separatist movement collapsed, off he went. He made a mad dash up the Perlemian Trade Route and took along the best cyber-techs in the galaxy.
Well, the new Imprials wouldn’t have any of that. Maybe they feared a new cyber war or Outer Rim warlord, but it’s more likely they thought they were just hunting down yet another fleeing Separatist commander. In any case, the Imperials chased them up the Perlemian Trade Route.

The Sa Nalaor must have had a jittery hyperdrive, because we’ve got tales of skirmishes all the way to the Outer Rim. Right when the Imperials were about to blow the ship to pieces-BAM! The ship disappeared in one last hyperspace jump. That was it. No one’s seen it since.

Some say the ship simply disappeared in a hyperspace mishap. Others report sightings out in deep space, believing the ship might be lost between the stars. Every so often, someone reports debris on a remote Outer Rim planet, Problem is, there were so many Separatist ships fighting during the war and scattering after, that there’s a lot of lost ships to find. So, you might find something if you want to look hard enough. Just not the Sa Nalaor. At least, no yet.

Dramatis Personae

  • Oswald Cobblepot- Crime Lord; Shadowbroker Guild; An eccentric human “business man” who deals in information and favors in the black market. He has an obvious vested interesting in IsoTech.
  • EyeeThree: Originally owned by Capt. Harsol, the protocol droid is an expert negotiator who works for IsoTech while his master is missing.
  • Broady Yiyar: The Roadian helps lead the Yitar Salvage Corporation as the captain of the starship Nightflyer. Since hearing about the Sa Nalaor, Yiyar will do anything to both score a shipload of treasure and deal a heavy blow to his competitor, IsoTech.
  • Captain Rel Harsol: He is the battle hardened veteran of the Clone Wars who attempted to smuggle Cratala and her crew out of the Republic and set up a black market cyber-tech operation with Ropok, Reom’s father.
  • Cratala: Aloof and eccentric, the Arkanian is a master cyber-tech who blends her own genius with forgotten, Old Republic technology to create unsurpassed cyber-tech. When Chancellor Palpatine abducted her colleagues to serve as his personal medical staff, Cratala only narrowly escaped to the CIS and was later rescued once again by Capt. Harsol

Master-Com. The AI of the station. It functions much like a droid due to the myriad sensory inputs and databanks through t the station. It’s main function is to run virtually everything on board, from environmental controls, to turbolifts, to cargo distribution, more… its AI interface with humanoids is a holographic image of Rip Taylor.

Episode 1: The Tale of the Sa Nalaor
The party travels to the Wheel space station and has a few problems with the POS ship they “acquired” in the previous session. The ship, having several structural issues, proved to hamper the progress of the crew. The ship managed to dock, and while having a conversation with the AI of the wheel (Master Com) which represents intself with the holoimage of Rip Taylor, informed the crew of the standard docking procedures and that the ship was showing signs of engine overload.

The ship engine section caught fire, and the party astromech droid downloaded a virus when he attempted to gain control of the ship systems. There was some discussion of what to do as the droid took the ship out for a spin around the station (The droid attempted to fly the ship into the sun), but the crew (and droid) managed to regain control and make it back to the wheel.

Meanwhile, Herra was docked at the wheel and had repairs made by a local force using mechanic. After he did such a good job, the option of him continuing work with Herra came up and the decision was made that he (and his trailblazing companion) would join the crew.

Cobblepot on the Wheel and Dealings

The Wheel is a fantastic, civilized place to get away from it all-especially the Empire. I don’t know what sort of deal they’ve managed to pull, but whatever it is, it keeps the Imperials away. Well, mostly. I’m sure the Imperials keep tabs on the place, and I’ve heard they got their own station or ships nearby, just to track the comings and goings of whoever wants to avoid Imperial eyes. No matter. There’s enough traffic that one more freighter will hardly be noticed, or seen as out of the ordinary.

Go. Have fun, but not too much. Local security is tough. They don’t care who you are. If you make trouble, you’re off the station faster than you can say “Jabba the Hutt sent me.” Probably won’t care anyway. You want a name they will care about? Sure, I got one, but it’ll cost you extra.

The Senator Solo departed the POS and met up with the Black Market Spymaster, Cobblepot who introduced him to the owner of IsoTech, Reom; a Twi’lek boss of a semi-legitimate tech company called IsoTech. Reom has just received an old hyperspace message pod purportedly from the legendary, long-lost treasury frigate, the Sa Nalaor. His family and his company were once involved with the ship’s captain, Rel Harsol, and schemed to smuggle Separatist-designed cybernetics technology into the black market after the Clone Wars.

Reom wants the Senators Party to travel to the coordinates indicated in the message pod and see if the Sa Nalaor is there. He obviously is not aware of the reasons the party also wanted to travel to the planet, and assumes they are treasure seekers. The destination is the remote planet Cholganna, known as the home world of the vicious nexu. If they find anything, they are to map its current condition and look for any survivors, Reom sends his droid IT-3PO along with them since Eyetee-Three knew the missing Captain Harsol, can identify him, and can prove to Harsol the groups relationship to Reom. They are to depart once Eyetee-Three arrives on the Wheel and is delivered to their starship. Until then, they prepare their ship and follow their own leads to investigate the world and the Sa Nalaor.
They are not the only interested party, however. The Imperial Security Bureau is actively following the Sa Nalaor reports, and this is not realized until the Imperials try to place a tracking device on Herra’s ship. In response, he sends out his two new crewmembers onto the hull. There they find a droid attempted to attach a tracking device on the ship, and the trailblazer blasts the droid before he can finish his job.

Meanwhile, other members of the crew are taking in the sights of the wheel promenade’ and finds himself at Sonou’s Apparel. It sports a complete line of starship ready clothing for many common species. Jumpsuits, environment specific wear, and even spacesuits are available, as well as a limited supply of formal wear. Sonou, the Twi’lek proprietor, makes a good living replacing spacers and traders working clothing. (All clothing is very cheap; it fails on a despair roll during an appropriate check; Athletics or Resilience, garment fails)

The Twi’lek manages to get Khan to agree to model his clothing in his front window area. He even manages underwear and causes a minor stir on the station. This is about the time Senator Solo leaves his meeting and passes by the store, noticing his crew member posing in his underuse. From there, the two makes their way to a local restaurant catering to travelers tired of shipboard meals. Alderaanian dishes are its specialty. Tasia’s Tapcafe. With the Death Star’s recent destruction of Alderaan, (days past; the crew is only now finding out about it) Tasia’s Tapcafe has become a rallying point for refugees and anti-Imperial sentiment. Messages and holos form an impromptu memorial to the planet on the back wall, which is now covered in both open and cryptic messages to the dead, the survivors, and the defiant. Brun Brux, the Alderaanian proprietor, is aware that his place is likely to draw the attention of the ISB, so he discourages open talk of Rebellion. Instead, he publically focuses his efforts on saving Alderaans’ culture and spirit. Privately what he does is another matter… the Senator takes some time to pose for a picture with the business owner.

The party is not the only interested party in the Sa Nalaor, and that becomes painfully obvious to them when the Rodian Yiyar clan begins to stick their nose into the group business. The Rodians are comprised of aggressive and often violent starship salvagers and scavengers, and they are the obvious primary rivals in the search for the long-lost frigate. After failing to obtain the message pod data from Reom, the Rodians try to steal It-3PO while he is being delivered to Argus.

There is a conflict with the two new members of the group, they hire a private security force to guard the entrance to the ship, and manage to save a local merchant; Hal Lars who runs “The Parts Store”. The group of Wee-quay and Rodians were lying in wait for the force users to enter the store, but instead the Trailblazer noticed the ambush and called in assistance from other party members who showed up and managed to de-escalate the issue. However, on their return from the ship Herra made the crew aware through monitoring the area, that the droid they were waiting for had been abducted by the Salvage Co.

The party rushed after them, and there was a huge chase/shoot out in the docking area level of the spaceport. Several Rodians were shot down, and the Jedi Mechanic almost stopped his new found rival (a man he had earlier dealings with on the station “Too Low” Talo; and after a brief scuffle, the seond-in-command of Yiyar Salvage’s Wheel cargo bay managed to retreat to the Yiyar ship Nightflyer, as the droid was loaded into the cargo hold, and the ship made a hasty get-away as the party fire shots after it, and were left to deal with the station security. (Note: The Yiyar ship was partially damaged as it flew away from the station by hitting the towed POS because they ignored the proper exit clearance from the Wheel. There is a reason ships are made to wait for their appointed time to leave!) That said, the Yiar Clan have a lead on the party.

The crew board the Argus, and while it is prepping to leave (Astrogation check), there is a dispute over something between Khan and the Wookie doctor. They get into a fight which Khan starts, and afterward the crew question his actions. The Senator asks the Wookie to be examined in the med bay, and during the examination the Jedi Mechanic notices he is carrying a Sith Holocron. There is a discussion about altruistic notions and how that pertains to the force and he is overcome with a migraine headache and nose bleed. The Jedi Trailblazer and Khan instead have visions of a future where they are attacked, the ship is destroyed, and so on… the Senator believes the artifact is having a negative influence on Khan, and decides to discuss what to do next with Hera.

The group Jedi Mechanic takes the holocron and places it in a locker on the ship. That night, the cleaning droid takes the holocron and attempts to dispose of it, but Khan stops the droid and takes the device back to his quarters.

The Senator has a private conversation with Hera about what to do regarding the holocron, and Hera informs the Senator that for now, he is going to remain a neutral party, sympathizing with sentience within the holocron being tied to an object, he broaches the topic of placing it in a ship. This is immediately rejected by the Senator and a “wait and see” approach seems to be what will happen next as the ship makes its way to its next destination and leaves the Wheel behind…sw_wheel.png


I have advanced the story line to shortly after Episode IV: A New Hope. In the background, everyone would have been discussing the Rebellion strike on the Empire, and the destruction of the Death Star. Obviously, this also means your characters would have aged.

The party gained 20 Experience from this session.

The group made a potential new ally (Cobblepot), and a new business partner (Reom). They definitely made a new enemy. (Yiyar Clan)

Beyond the Rim

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