Star Wars: Rebellion

Behind the Curtain 1

Behind the Curtain


The Star Destroyer Exactor, second in a line of newly minted Imperator class naval vessels, emerged from hyperspace and inserted into orbit, its spiked bow aimed at the former Separatist world Murkhana. In his quarters aboard the capital ship now under his personal command, Darth Vader, gloved and artificial right hand clamped on the hilt of his new light saber, knelt before a larger than life hologram of Emperor Palpatine. It has been four weeks since the Empire formed.

Palaptine – This is an important time for you, Lord Vader. You are finally free to make full use of your powers. If not for us, the Galaxy would not be restored to order. Your destiny will be fulfilled. You will have all you need, and more if you simply demonstrate your will to take it, at whatever cost to those who stand in your way.

(without revealing his distress at being unable to maintain the kneeling posture, Vader replies)

Vader – What are your orders, Master?

Palaptine – Word has reached me that a group of clone troopers on Murkhana may have deliberately refused to comply with Order sixty-six.

Vader – What was the cause of the troopers insubordination, Master?

Palpatine – Contagion. ::sneering:: Contagion brought about by fighting alongside the Jedi for so many years. Clone or otherwise, there is only so much a being can be programmed to do. Sooner or later even a lowly trooper will become the sum of his experiences. However, ::leaning in:: YOU will demonstrate to them the peril of independent thinking, Lord Vader, the refusal to obey orders.

Vader – To obey you, Master.

Palpatine – To obey US, my apprentice. Remember that.

Vader- Yes, my Master. ::pausing:: It’s possible, then, that some Jedi may have survived?

Palpatine – ::displeased:: I am not worried about your pathetic former friends, Lord Vader. Deal with the Clone Troopers, so others will see this as a reminder for the rest of their abbreviated lives they would do well to understand whom they truly serve.

::serious tone, possibly nudging Vader with the Force::

I shall do the same on Coruscant to establish our Institution with programs protected by law. We shall create programs relied on by the people. The law will advance our philosophy, our philosophy will advance the policy, and finally the policy will be used to control the people and bring order to the galaxy.

Vader – I understand ::pauses:: What of the Senate? The political activists?

Palpatine – I have given them a warning. Most are grateful to have been released from holding and have already fled to their home worlds. I will soon deal with the firebrands in the Senate… as for the dissidents well, steps have been taken to ensure the peoples “compliance”.

You see, Lord Vader, the easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. The people will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened. ::laughs:: The people will turn on the Senators and do our work for us.

Vader – Yes, my Master.

Palpatine – It is time that you were revealed as my authority. I leave it to you to drive the point home.

Vader – It shall be as you command, my Master.



I started doing this I think in the last SW Campaign i ran. And then i did it for a short time when we had a board for our DND games. (Now we actually have a good board, i can put more focus on it) but, I like that players can see what is going on outside thier realm of influence. It gives a “Bigger Galaxy” the Living World vibe to the campaign. It is also cool when they see somethign that could directly effect them. I like capturing the vibe in a campaign where its like your watching a film trilogy or a season of a tv show.

Behind the Curtain 1

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